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SQL Web Management Studio is a management tool for the SQL/MySQL/Oracle Server relational database with administration capabilities and a database query tool. The visual administration features provide users the ability to browse and modify database structures, including schema objects and database storage, as well as maintain database security. An integrated query tool allows you to quickly create, edit and execute SQL queries and scripts.

SQL Server Features
Schema Browser (SB) / Visual Editing (VE) / DDL Object Scripting (DDL)
  • Schema
    • Tables SB/VE/DDL
    • Views SB/VE/DDL
    • Indexes SB/VE/DDL
    • Triggers SB/VE/DDL
    • Procedures SB/VE/DDL
    • Functions SB/VE/DDL
    • Users SB/VE/DDL
    • Roles SB/VE/DDL
  • Management
    • Backups
    • Server Logs
  • Storage
    • Databases SB/VE/DDL
  • Security
    • Logins SB/VE/DDL
    • Server Roles SB/VE/DDL

Download packages for developer
Visual Studio 2010
Coolite Toolkit
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack
Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)
ADO.NET Driver for MySQL

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